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We’re getting ready to connect Sudbury to Really Fast, Really Reliable, REAL FIBRE broadband. That’s fibre cables straight into your home, offering future-ready speeds and hyper-charging your connection!

Hyper-charging your broadband

Your Existing Superfast Service

  • Fibre to the green cabinet only
  • Slow copper cable to your home
  • Average speeds between 20mbps and 70mbps
  • Same speeds with every provider

Other ISPs

Our REAL FIBRE Broadband

Hyperfast full fibre
  • Fibre cables all the way to your home
  • Speeds of up to 1,000mbps
  • Same upload and download speeds
  • More reliable and future-ready

Our Network

County Broadband

Residential Prices

Business Prices

Fibre Broadband

  • 50 MbpsBasic 50£28.00* per month
    Real Fibre Pre-order Exclusive
  • 150 MbpsReal Fibre 150£40.00* per month
    Real Fibre Pre-order Exclusive
  • 600 MbpsReal Fibre 600£55.00* per month
    Real Fibre Pre-order Exclusive
  • 900 MbpsReal Fibre 900£80.00* per month
    Real Fibre Pre-order Exclusive

Fibre Pro Broadband

  • 150 MbpsReal Fibre Business 150£50.00* per month
    Real Fibre Pre-order Exclusive
  • 600 MbpsReal Fibre Business 600£120.00* per month
    Real Fibre Pre-order Exclusive
  • 900 MbpsReal Fibre Business 900£200.00* per month
    Real Fibre Pre-order Exclusive

Prices exclude VAT at the current rate of 20%.

*Average speed in mbps, refers to the speed received by customers on their devices over our Wi-Fi router.
**900mbps speed is not achievable by any single device over a Wi-Fi router. To achieve this speed, a fixed-line connection is recommended.

Terms and Conditions apply to our pre-order process. Click here for more information.

Our Phone Products

Residential Phone Service

  • Basic Phone Service£6.00 per month
    • Unlimited calls to UK landlines starting 01, 02, 03
  • Standard Phone Service£13.00 per month
    • Unlimited calls to UK landlines (01,02,03) and UK mobiles
  • International Phone Service£17.00 per month
    • Calls to all UK landline (01,02,03) and mobile numbers plus selected international landlines and mobile numbers

Business Phone Service

  • Business Standard 2500£17.00 per month
    • 2500 minutes of calls to UK landlines (01,02,03) and UK mobiles
  • Business International 2500£24.00 per month
    • 2500 minutes of calls to UK landlines (01,02,03), UK mobiles and selected international numbers
  • Business Standard 5000£31.00 per month
    • 5000 minutes of calls to UK landlines (01,02,03) and UK mobiles
  • Business International 5000£45.00 per month
    • 5000 minutes of calls to UK landlines (01,02,03), UK mobiles and selected international numbers

Prices exclude VAT at the current rate of 20%.

No additional line rental – why settle for less?

View our phone service terms

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County Broadband

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It’s time to GET REAL. Our friendly team will connect you to our network and set everything up for you so you can get going straight away.

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REAL customers, REAL feedback...

So pleased I switched from BT's 60Mb service to 300Mb fibre with County Broadband. We can all now use the internet at the same time in our house with no buffering, no drop outs, and no arguing! My home is now ready for the future.

Elaine B

I feel as if I could run a spaceship with my broadband connection!

Jason N

Really impressed with the amazing broadband speeds we now get with fibre broadband. The County Broadband team is very friendly and I was impressed with the installer who helped me get everything connected. 5 stars all the way.

George D

Very fast, efficient, professional service who employ friendly, knowledgeable installation engineers. Would highly recommend this company.

Steve B

We’ve been with County Broadband for nearly a year now. We live in a rural area and have always had an excellent connection with no slowing or problems. I have two kids who have PlayStations, iPads and mobiles connected to Wi-Fi. I’m still able to watch my Now TV stick with no interference. I absolutely recommend County Broadband 100 percent.

Sheena C

We have had considerable dealings with County Broadband working with them to try and ensure our community gets first class fibre comms. Their staff have been courteous, friendly and professional throughout the marketing and pre-ordering phase. My advice would be to grasp the opportunity of CB fibre, after all there is nothing to lose and all to gain.

John B

So pleased I switched from Superfast Fibre to Hyperfast fibre to get my home ready for the future with a full-fibre broadband connection.

Laraine G

County Broadband

Not just REAL fibre, REAL people!

We’re not like your typical broadband provider. We work with communities to build REAL full-fibre networks so everyone can enjoy future-ready connectivity, today. That’s our mission. With a dedicated team based in the region, we’re here to help every step of the way.

County Broadband

Answering your questions

Broadband shouldn’t be complicated. Discover what makes our networks unique and how we guarantee the speeds you pay for.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Why do I have to register for REAL FIBRE?

We want everyone in Sudbury to enjoy REAL FIBRE broadband and our networks are fully funded through a private investment. But that means we need to know there is demand for the service before we can start building. If enough residents and business place a pre-order then everyone can benefit from future-ready connectivity.

What’s the difference between Superfast fibre and REAL FIBRE?

Superfast broadband is already available in Sudbury. But, Superfast fibre networks still contain copper cables which constrain your broadband performance. REAL FIBRE broadband is fibre cables all the way to your property, offering incredible performance and reliability to get you ready for the future.

How long will it take to get connected?

Before we start building, we need to ensure there is sufficient demand for REAL FIBRE. We will conduct a five month awareness and sales phase to generate the interest required to build the network. After this, it takes several months to lay our REAL FIBRE cables. All in all, the whole programme takes around a year to build from start to finish, with a connection period of a few months after the build is completed. We’ll keep you up to date on progress as we run the project in your town.

Do I have to pay anything?

No. All we’re asking you to do is register your interest for REAL FIBRE. Later on, we will invite you to pre-order your new connection with us. As long as you order during the initial pre-order phase, we’ll also pay your connection fee (please see our pre-order terms for more information about free connection). All our packages includes a free powerful Wi-Fi router to ensure everyone in your property can get online. Even better, you can enjoy up to 12 months free service if you’re under an existing contract with another provider.

How do you guarantee your speeds?

Our networks use full-fibre cables all the way to your door which deliver bullet-proof speeds through light and laser technology. They’re not constrained by the copper cables in your existing superfast connection which aren’t designed to carry fast speeds, particularly the further away you are from the local green cabinet.

How fast is REAL FIBRE broadband?

REAL FIBRE broadband can reach up to 2,000mbps (2gbps). However, once the cables have been laid, speeds can be increased with quick network upgrades. In some countries speeds have been tested at 10gbps (10,000mbps). Existing networks in the UK which are part fibre and part copper generally only reach around 70mbps/80mbps before speeds tend to slow down. Our fibre services offer unlimited data and reach speeds around 900mbps on average, depending on the package you order with us.

Will REAL FIBRE increase my house value?

We can’t guarantee it. However, research has shown that fast broadband is a key deciding factor for many house buyers. Put it this way, if you’ve got faster broadband than everyone else, do you think it would make your house easier to sell!

What does free connection mean?

Free connection means that during the initial launch phase we will cover the upfront cost of getting your property connected to our REAL FIBRE network built in your community. The value of this connection is usually £225, the cost of which pays for the installation of fibre cable from the street to your property. Please see our terms and conditions for more information about our free connection.

Do you offer phone services?

Yes. We offer an additional phone service on top of your selected broadband package. Best of all, there’s no line rental charges to pay.

Is your network connected to BT?

No. Our services are completely independent of BT and Openreach. County Broadband does have the appropriate permissions to use some existing ducts, pipes and poles owned by other providers. However, the fibre cables and the service is completely separate, managed by County Broadband.