Terms and conditions relating to promotional broadband prices, offered across our Sudbury broadband project during the European Football Championships

These terms and conditions (Terms) relate to a special suite of promotional prices offered throughout the duration of period the England football team remain in the duration European Football Championships in 2021 (the competition).

Please read these terms carefully, as you will be agreeing to them when buying a broadband package from County Broadband (The Company). These terms apply when you order a new broadband service from us, run within the promotion period outlined below.

As per the terms, the promotion starts on June 5 2021 and runs until: 1/ either the close either the Monday after of the European Football , on July 12, 2021 (mid-day) should England make the final of the competition, or, alternatively, 2/ if England are knocked out of the competition ahead of this date, the promotion will close at that time, (detailed below).

The owner of these terms is County Broadband Ltd, whose registered office address is at Old Bourchiers Hall, Aldham Essex, CO6 3QU.

1) The Company will offer reduced price broadband services, as advertised for the time that the England National Football Team remain in the European National Football Championships. Prices are as advertised on marketing materials or on digital materials, such as websites owned by the business. Advertisements may also feature on our social media pages and will carry links to these terms.

2) This promotion applies to all pre-orders for REAL FIBRE broadband packages, within the Sudbury project area, with orders placed through the Sudbury County Broadband website: sudbury.countybroadband.co.uk. The Sudbury project area applies where a valid postcode is entered through the web address highlighted, and with a valid postcode responding with offerings of broadband services.

3) The promotion will run from June 5th, 2021 and close either at the end of the European Football Championship (should England win) on Sunday, July 11, 2021, at midnight. Should England be knocked out of the competition on a business day, the promotion will close 24 hours afterwards EG: If England were to be knocked out on Thursday at 5pm, the promotion will close by 5pm on a Friday. Or, Should England be knocked out of the competition early on a weekend day, the promotion will close by 11:59pm on the first working day thereafter.

4) In order for you to access the special discounted broadband price advertised on our marketing materials, our website or other valid promotional literature, you will need to order during the period of promotion outlined in point 3 (above) – the promotion will not apply to broadband orders placed outside of the valid time periods outlined.

5) County Broadband reserves the right to close the promotion in relation to the dates and times outlined in point 3 (above).

6) Where a promotional code applies to this promotion, it must be entered to activate and verify the promotion on offer – should a promotional code not be entered with your order, the promotional option may not be added to your pre-order and will not apply.

7) Other promotional offers, including the free connection and use of our service up to 12 months at no extra charge should you be in an existing contract with another provider when we connect you, still apply – available to view at www.countybroadband.co.uk/terms

8) Pre-order and services terms also apply during this promotion and can be viewed online at www.countybroadband.co.uk/terms

9) Any promotional discounts cannot be redeemed in equivalent cash or voucher options.

10) The promotion is only valid with the Sudbury project area of our REAL FIBRE rollout and available by entering a valid postcode into our website. This promotion and special REAL FIBRE broadband price offering for discounted broadband services is only available in such areas.

11) Should County Broadband choose to run additional promotions in line with a subsidised connection, the Company may do so and separate terms and conditions will apply to such promotions outside of the remit of these terms. These terms will be referenced on any marketing materials at the time (websites, literature or similar), as such.

12) County Broadband’s decisions in respect of all matters to do with the free connection and 12 months’ service promotion are final.

13) The Promotion and these Terms will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.

14) County Broadband reserves the right to have final decision on all matters relating to the promotion and entry by ordered into the promotion means you agree to these terms.